Questions to answer BEFORE calling police:

🌹 Is this situation just an inconvenience, like a person resting or sharing a public space? Can I tolerate it?

🌹 Can I handle this on my own through communication?

🌹 Is there somebody I could call to help me? A friend or neighbor?

🌹 Is there a (non-police) hotline I could call? See below.

🌹 If I call the police, do I fully understand how involving police could impact me and the other person differently?

🌹 If I call 911, can I request Portland Street Response, a citywide team that assists people experiencing mental health and behavioral health crises?

Calling the police can be a traumatizing and escalating experience that often puts lives in danger. See the link below to download a printable PDF version of these alternatives—and please share it widely!

Important: While the resources below offer alternative solutions to calling the police, there is no guarantee that these organizations will not involve law enforcement as they deem necessary. For general community resources, call 211 or visit

Suicide: Lines for Life
24-hour crisis line, offers help to individuals and loved ones in crisis or when needing confidential help for drug addiction, alcohol abuse, thoughts of suicide, and other mental health issues.

Línea de Prevención del Suicidio y Crisis: Lifeline 
24/7 Apoyo gratuito y confidencial en español: Preguntas generales sobre la salud mental, depresión, suicidio, y recursos de salud comunitarios.

Trans Support: Trans LifeLine
Grassroots hotline with a policy against non-consensual active rescue. Offers direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis—for the trans community, by the trans community.

Immigrant Support: Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition
Call if you see an Immigration/ICE raid underway in the Portland area.
Para reportar redadas de la migra en el área de Portland y sus alrededores. Llame si usted ve que una redada de la MIGRA o ICE está ocurriendo.

Domestic Violence: Call to Safety
Comprehensive crisis line, follow-up advocacy, support groups, community outreach & Pdx Bad Date Line.

Violencia Domestica y Sexual: Proyecto UNICA
Una línea para ayuda en crisis, planificación de seguridad, abogacía de vivienda, y grupos de apoyo.

Домашнее насилие: POCC Программа помощи жертвам домашнего насилия
Круглосуточная кризисная линия и помощь в кризисных ситуациях.

Mental Health: Racial Equity Support Line
Led/staffed by people with lived experience of racism. Offering support to people of color who are feeling the impacts of racist violence, microaggressions, immigration struggles, and cross-cultural issues. 10-7

Mental Health:  Multnomah County Crisis Line
Team of mental health professionals help anyone facing mental health issues any time, in any language.
Add’l counties: Clark Co:  360-696-9560, Clackamas Co: 503-655-8585, Washington Co: 503-291-9111

Mental Health: Unity Center for Behavioral Health, 1225 NE 2nd Ave
24-hour behavioral/mental health services center providing immediate and long-term psychiatric care.

Houseless Youth: National Runaway Safeline
24-hr hotline offering support in finding shelter, food, medical assistance, counseling for runaway & houseless youth. Also provides mediation between family and free bus tickets home.  Text: 66008 

Anonymously Report Hate Crime: Rose City Antifa
Leave a voicemail or email to report an incident of hate or give tips on hate group sightings in the city. Over-reporting is better than under-reporting.

Jail Support: National Lawyers Guild
Call if: in jail and/or after release, witness arrests, or witness/experience police brutality. NLG aims to be the legal arm of Portland’s radical movement. Repeat or leave message if needed.

Portland, Oregon:

Police Alternatives in other locations:

Please contact us if you have another location or updates to add.